Michael Ferenci - Production Music Composer

Los Angeles studio owner and musician Michael Ferenci has earned a solid reputation as one of the leading Production Music Composers in the industry today. His composition credits are extensive and include placements in major motion pictures, television, cartoons, and radio.

Production Music Libraries have discovered the benefit of having a reliable and substantial source of revenue generated by inclusion of Michael Ferenciís original music in their catalogues... His music is being placed or picked up on a regular basis for film projects such as Meet The Parents, Perfect Target, Lethal Force, Tales You Win - Heads You're Dead and To Serve & Protect to name a few.

Television shows include History Channel productions, Girlfriends, TV's Funniest, Animal Adventures, PBS Mini Series Beyond The Medal, Modern Marvels, Planets Funniest, True Hollywood Stories, The Bernie Mac Show, Biography, Great Cars, Boy Meets World, The Mia Farrow Story, The Mask, Johnny Bravo and a host of International Television shows.

Production Music Libraries include GMI, Flying Hands, Trakwerx, Aircraft Production Library, Music 2 Hues, Premier Radio Networks, Opus 1, Beatbox Music in Australia and others.

As a studio guitarist, bassist and trombonist, Michael has performed on multiple albums, film scores and live productions including sessions with Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, The Walt Disney Company, and other luminaries. See Credits